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Update on dating sites - I paid, made 1 email friend, left site early as it was dumping incomparable people on me en mass - I paid, too busy of an interface, a few winks and other things, some messages, none i've really wanted to chat with, also offering me wildly inappropriate matches

Plenty of fish POF - so many messages I can't keep up, large amount of crap, large amount that can't be ruled out right away so i have to spend time reading profiles. removing profile reduced messages to trickle, not bad just way too many people who belong on AFF

OK Cupid - a good amount of messages, normal mix of crap and actual conversations, OK but again people belong on AFF for just hookups

Reddit, A++++ multiple dates lined up, good conversations going!

Adult friend finder AFF, not trying there, no pic so only a few winks, a few notes back and forth no locals found, not great interface

Twitter - 1 found, not bad

Zoosk - dropped quickly, too busy, too many crap messages

suggested to try:
4chan (terrifying idea)

I guess i am a bit blunt?


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