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Roadside Noodles
with Bell Pepper, Tomato & Broccoli Rabe

Grilled Vegetables with Olives, Tomatoes
& Romesco Sauce

Chopped Napa Cabbage Salad
with Creamy Ginger-Lime Dressing


Palak Paneer with Naan & Kachumber Salad

Trofie Pasta with Golden Garlic & Heirloom TomatoesTrofie Pasta
with Golden Garlic & Heirloom Tomatoes

Peperonata Pizza
with Broccolini & Fresh Mozzarella Filipino Vegetable Stew over Jasmine Rice with Crispy Okra Filipino Vegetable Stew
over Jasmine Rice with Crispy Okra Orange-Glazed Tofu with Barley & Vegetable SaladOrange-Glazed Tofu
with Barley & Vegetable Salad
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Lemon Basil Chicken with Corn & Shiitake Mushroom “Risotto”

Cod with Crispy Kale, Roasted Tomato & Fregola Sarda

Spice Rubbed Pork Medallions with Peach Salsa & Cilantro-Green Bean Rice

Hanger Steak with Rosemary Fingerling Potatoes & Green Bean Salad

Barbecue Cornish Game Hen with Coleslaw & Sautéed Corn

Lemongrass Shrimp with Soba Noodles & Chinese Broccoli

Thai Chicken Burgers with Hoisin Mayo & Potato Wedges

Sweet Miso Cod with Snap Peas, Farro & Lime Beurre Blanc

Pork Chops with Smashed Sweet Potato, Roasted Broccoli & Herbs
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Chicken Yakitori with Long Beans & Brown Rice

Shrimp Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

French Lentils with Sautéed Vegetables & Lamb Sausage

Tomato, Watermelon & Spelt Salad with Seared Halloumi

Broccoli Rabe & Cavatelli Pasta with Harissa & Yogurt

Sopes topped with Tomato-Avocado Salad & Quick Pickled Vegetables

Fresh Pea & Ricotta Ravioli with Lemon Brown Butter

Barley-Wax Bean Salad with Golden Beets & Heirloom Cucumbers

Baked Quinoa “Falafels” with Radish & Pea Shoot Salad

Golden Catfish with Sauteed Kale & Dijon Potato Salad

Chicken with Tomato, Fennel & Creamy Tarragon Sauce

Lamb & Beef Rice Noodles with Mint, Lime & Ponzu

Smoky Swiss Chard & Black Bean Tostadas

Dal Bhat

Heirloom Tomato & Fontina Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Dijon Green Beans
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Salmon Burgers & Corn on the Cob with Basil Butter

Chicken Paillards topped with Endive, Radishes & Haricots Verts

Beef Bibimbap

Chicken Fried Red Rice with Pole Beans

Five-Spice Pork Chops with Plum Sauce, Chinese Broccoli & Purple Sweet Potato

Za’atar Shrimp & Green Beans with Lemon Yogurt over Couscous
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Quinoa with Wild Mushrooms, Wax Beans & Broccoli en Papillote

Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata with Feta Cheese & Arugula

Summer Corn & Vegetable Chowder

Tabbouleh with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Manchego Cheese & Champagne Vinegar

Cannellini Bean & Escarole Salad with Crispy Potatoes

French Lentils with Fennel, Grapefruit & Avocado

Fresh Pea & Ricotta Ravioli with Lemon Brown Butter

Barley-Wax Bean Salad with Golden Beets & Heirloom Cucumbers

Baked Quinoa “Falafels” with Radish & Pea Shoot Salad
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Blue Apron

Baby Artichoke Risotto with Shiitake Mushrooms, Mustard Greens & Goat Cheese

Broccoli & Ricotta Calzones with Spinach Salad

Chilled Sesame Soba Noodle Salad with Spiced Cashews

Orange Chicken Thighs with Cherry Salsa & Green Wheat Freekeh Salad

Poached Salmon with Sautéed Shiitake Mushrooms, Sugar Snap Peas & Red Rice

Curry Noodles with Pork & Long Beans

skipped for money reasons
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Baby Vegetable Nicoise Salad with Creamy Dressing & Tarragon

Socca Chickpea Flatbread Topped with Pepper, Onion & Dandelion Greens

Fresh Pasta Primavera

Arroz con Pollo

Flat Iron Steaks with Artichoke-Potato Hash, Purple Asparagus & Caramelized Shallots

Nettle Pasta with Shrimp & Roasted Cauliflower
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Whole Wheat Pizza Topped with Arugula Salad

1. skipped red onion, hate red onion
2. used old roasted garlic instead since the always send too much and maybe i can give the whole head away?
3. olives are hard to pit :(
4. i put the cheese on before the sauce, oopse!
5. fuck olive oil i used black truffle oil

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blue apron

Tempeh Ratatouille on Wheat Berries

Whole Wheat Pizza Topped with Arugula Salad

Maple & Sesame Root Vegetable Stir-Fry

Next week (skipped, in vegas)

Avocado-Goat Cheese Tartines with Bibb Lettuce Salad

Rigatoni alla Norma

Roasted Vegetable Salad over Herbed Israeli Couscous with Sherry Vinaigrette
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blue apron

may 14 -skip

Moussaka with Lemony Parsley Salad

Lemon-Thyme Turkey Cutlets with New Jersey Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts & Crispy Fingerlings

Chili-Rubbed Porgy with Lime Butter & Vegetable Quinoa

may 28-skip

Chicken with Candied Pistachios & Snow Pea-Radish Saute

Flank Steak & Frizzled Shallots with Spinach-Strawberry Salad

Cod with Szechuan Sauce over Cellophane Noodles


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