Nov. 1st, 2015

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Nov. 1st, 2015 08:03 am
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So tired and not yet there

wokeup 5am
went back to bed
wokeup 6am
slowly got going
Soylent and pills for breakfast

bottled 1910 hard cider - smells weird but tastes good (opposite of other 2)

talked to another tea company owner my mom connected me with/to

talked to my mother

cleaned kitchen

took last comparative pumpkin decay experiment (bleach versus vinegar) photos
Question: which chemical preserves carved pumpkins better? bleach, vinegar
washed both carved pumpkins inside and out with said chemical
failed to do a control
left outside
decay was significantly slower than the indoor pumpkins
by 1 week later both has just started to have small spots of mold, but i couldn't identify which was better.
I think either works
will test again next year

went to work
ate candy, checked internet
tried to score shmoocon tickets
was tripped up by the question
failed to get tickets
luckily someone else did so i am going
i will participate in next f5 day to try and get my friends in

left work, collected pumpkins and disposed of them from work, hackerspace, home

emailed another tea company owner to see if she could help me per my conversation earlier in the morning.

located a pink tiara for the three ladies on the disney cruise, failed to locate a princess leia dress and am sad i have no time to sew one

and started the explanation of why

Blended lord petersham for samples for harvard, still need to bag and design labels

Blended december tea of the month and bagged, ready for like 32 subscribes (i have way less) some on internet!!!!

5 things left before i can sleep

everything else i procrastinated and pushed further into the week, time is running out. i am screwed


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