Jul. 10th, 2015

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Jul. 10th, 2015 08:02 am
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  • Thu, 13:20: so very very stressed - overdue tax bill b/c they sent first to my old address (no idea i had to change my address w/county in 2 spots)
  • Thu, 13:21: they said they are sending the sheriff to seize assets over a 60$ bill, that i would have paid had i gotten it. so very very stressed
  • Thu, 13:22: anyway submitted payment, hopefully it's resolved quickly. argh. some days i want to just be dead, dead people have less stress
  • Thu, 14:43: RT @venkat_s: "I've set the wedding date. I've not asked her out yet."---how software projects are managed.
  • Thu, 15:07: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Amazing investigation by @motherboard: Why Does In-Flight WiFi Drop Over New Mexico Due to 'Government Restrictions'? …
  • Thu, 15:10: Any @OtterBox equiv for OnePlus One? i have always had otterboxes for all my phones
  • Thu, 16:04: Reading:What-Cha Nepal 1st Flush 2014 Spring Buds White Tea http://t.co/ZZ8IytANOw
  • Thu, 21:29: BERTRAND Blueberry Order: May 17 Arrived: May 30 Taste warm: smell: oaty then sour. Taste: oaty, watery almond m… http://t.co/5YAYCxYkh8
  • Thu, 21:37: RT @kjhiggins: OPM breach body count is in: 25.1 million people exposed, 1.1 million fingerprints http://t.co/Rgc9794BXc #OPM
  • Thu, 21:38: RT @Beaker: Which encryption dilemma? The one where you can't decrypt dilemma? The warrant less search & privacy dilemma? https://t.co/olEW
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I can't accomplish shit no matter what

woke 7am
brush teeth
call tax office to check on overdue payment-need to call back 3 days
call vet leave update waiting on callback
call dentist as in pain
get call back from dentist they are calling in meds, i need to pickup still
update address with tax office
call mom
harvest lettuce for rabbit
medicine rabbit
eat rbeakfast have morning pills
mail ebay order
arrive at work barely on time (10am)

i need to get more efficient


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