Jan. 2nd, 2013

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So I joined

Zoosk.com - already un-joined as it was low quality noise and hard to use without paying

Chemistry.com - easy to use, a few maybes, not overwhelming, very little nonsense so far


Adult Friend Finder - joined to have a profile there not really using it as I don't want a hookup

Plenty Of Fish - NOISE so much! I can't keep up 25% "hi" or other ignorable intro (pro tip, ask a question, or comment on something you read in my profile!) that i don't respond to. 50% "sexy/want to cam" and other propositions I ignore, 25% legit conversation, a few good hits so far

OK Cupid - noisy, a few propositions, a few "hi" and a few new friends on fetlife no good hits

Reddit R4R - one proposition the rest really great conversations! 1 date scheduled

I probably should clean up my profile a little better but this dating thing is too much work *sigh*
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Tips for single straight men on dating sites

Read her profile, introduce yourself with a quick question about something in her profile or at least a comment about it.

Simply saying hi, wanna talk, your cute, etc. will get you ignored

Don't proposition for sex, want sex? try adult friend finder or similar sites (there are many) that will be targeting only women who want sex, you'll have better luck

Try to use full works and not text massage speak, at least in your first few messages

Have at least one picture, try and have it of your whole face, forehead only is weird. A whole body shot (with clothes!) is also helpful. yes it is shallow but most people won't date someone they aren't physically attracted to. Admit it you do the same.


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