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CSA 6-18-13

This week the bag contains a bunch of two red and one golden beet, a small head of cabbage, Greenstar salad mix (that contains lettuce frisee, radicchio and parsley and some extra dill and parsley sprigs on top), a pint of snap peas, red bunching onions, and garlic scapes.

The beets are great. If you think you don’t like beets then please try these. We quarter them and roast them in the oven or in a cast iron pan over a grill until they are tender. They would then be especially good with the salad mix and some goat cheese or tossed with olive oil and the dill. Folks that find red beets too “earthy” tasting usually like golden beets because they can be sweeter (and don’t stain as much). The beet greens are also very edible and can be cooked like you would Swiss chard or spinach . We also added more garlic scapes this week and found some great recipes for them at Garlic scapes are only around a couple weeks a year and pack a lot of flavor into an easy-to-use noodle form. Our neighbor down the street whose mother is visiting from China made us a meal with them. She chopped them into about 1-inch pieces and then boiled them slightly in salt water. This made them tender and mild like a garlic-flavored green bean. Then she mixed them with some sticky rice and ginger chicken. It was great.


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