Feb. 28th, 2017

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Sunday Feb 19


I slept poorly due to white night
and was up early to get to the airport
checked out
Train to the Skybus to the Airport
I took the first available train in the morning, and I had to add a few more dollars to my opal transit card

Check in for flight
train into downtown
checked into hostel

Then i went to the Sydney eye tower
reconfirmed I am afraid of heights
But i had purchased that combo pass so it was paid for and was a nice view

Then wandered about in the Westfield mall, Din Tai Fung steamed buns for lunch

Next up was the Queen Victoria building - tried to goto the beautiful tea room on the top floor - but it was closed for a wedding. ended up at once in the center - The palace tea room

Lingonberry green tea
Green, vegetal, hint berry, barely
Two cup pot, one cup, second very strong tannen

Finger sandwiches

not interesting, or impressive, didn't bother to finish.

Then town hall train stop

Back to hostel

then went out for dinner

steamed buns

oliver brown for dessert

rained on me, so end of wandering

back to hostel

packed up as much as i could

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Feb 20


checked out

took train to airport

checked in at airport

flight syd->lax

wiped phones and latops en route

Luggage took forever
CBP took forever, and i have global entry

got to my lax to atl as it was boarding

then atl grabbed some food, i forget what


clt met with driver who took me home to virginia

did slight bit fussing around, it was past 10pm Feb 20th
didn't get to see alex
did get to snuggle cats
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So many the same shops, the same things repetitive and not too different or exciting

Cities the same too, it's some of the odd sights that vary, is it worth it?

wish i had better recon on betals beach so i could have managed the lake

should have considered train between in country locations?

pick places next to transit or rental car, too much on uber (esp with latest revelations)

hobbit holes were cool, should have gone twice

tours took me things i might not have seen otherwise, good

perhaps longer in each place (but that would have been less places)

overall, now off the bucket list, glad i went, but unlikely to go again, such a long flight

much disappointment in humanity, vandalizing PLANTS, buildings, not following directions (using flashes on nocturnal animals), not managing their kids (smashing on glass and scratching at animals), littering in amazingly beautiful locations...


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