Feb. 18th, 2017

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Feb 16
Slept in a bit again, I think this vacation is too long for me, I am going to return exhausted which is bad as I have no recovery time when I return.
I had some Lady Devotea and toast for breakfast. Vegemite is salty sticky, black thick spread. I don’t get the appeal.
Packed up.
Blessed Cheese for lunch. I had a chai latte, cheese and bread. Very tasty. Apparently the selection of cakes has decreased recently though.
Stopped in a spice shop.
Winery – Coriole - enjoyed the nero the most. Tastings seem to be free in Australia!
Winery – Penny Hill - Black Chook sparkling chilled red shiraz – pretty good! Enjoyed their merlot the most
Had The Devotea tea at Au Pear. Lovely tea, lovely place.
Then it was time for the airport – it was actually pretty busy, luckily we got there with time to spare.
Once I cleared security I grabbed a chili hot chocolate then right on to the plane no waiting.
After landing I got the Skybus and then the Train to check into United Backpackers once again.
I just had some Aussielent and passed out.
Surprisingly this is the first time ended up in a top bunk.
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Feb 17
Slept in as the girl on the bunk below me was sleeping in and blocking my locker (lockers are under the bed here). So I played on my phone.
She finally checked out. I changed and got ready for the day.
I then headed down to the kitchen and made Aussielent vanilla for breakfast. It was a bit hacked as I didn’t really have proper supplies.
Next was The National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne Australia) – aka art museum.
I took a break part way through for tea and scones. The scones were dense and the tea was OK (English breakfast).
Items of note: I love Monet, I love pointillism, I need to properly display my kimono, I spotted a worth dressed and grabbed pictures for Nikki, I took a picture of a pretty grandfather clock as it reminded me of my grandfather, and of course lots of tea things from various eras and cultures. Not a fan of the modern.
After finishing the museum I headed to The Block Arcade (Thanks to The Devotea for the suggestions)
First stop was Hopetoun Teas $22
As predicted there was a wait and everyone was drooling over the pretty cakes in the window. I got the bruchetta and congo bongo black tea. The flavor came out best with a touch of sugar.
Then I popped in a spice shop gewurzhaus $27.45
I ended up buying ras el hanout as theirs has more in it than mine and I wish to compare. I also got some duck spice to use with duck since I get that from my local farm.
Then a chocolate shop Haigh’s. I got a delicious dark chocolate covered ginger chocolate, a salted caramel chocolate, a milk chocolate heart, a dark chocolate heart and a chocolate covered marshmallow. I also got to sample the dark chocolate honeycomb. Note it was good but not better than good stateside chocolate IMO – of course most things are better than commercial chocolates (Hershey). $8.66
Then back to the hostel for laundry $18 and shower. Shower had mold – no wonder I have not been breathing well.
Hanging out a bit in the chill out area, Aussielent and chocolates for dinner, then trying to sleep early.


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