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Friday September 18

woke up 5am ish
popped off to the train to gatwick, then to a taxi
Worked in LON5 for rest of day
then grabbed a taxi, the train to cardiff
insanely expensive!
The first train was so jam packed (everyone really was squished) the conductors wouldn't let more people on
got the next one
ended up having chocolate for a meal again
got to cardiff at 11pm
went to find my airbnb
ended up being a very lovely place, larger room than the hotel i stayed in my first night, cleaner than the hostels, my own bathroom, and the place had a lovely view and large kitchen. The owner had gone and printed me a map! was very happy, showered and passed out in the comfy bed.
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Saturday September 19

Woke up, late, rushed out to the dr who experience
got turned around a few times on the way

got there, missed a tour but was allowed on the next one at 10:30
there was a lack of things from the original series but i expect because they were lost, destroyed or reused on other things (as is the BBC way)
but i did enjoy seeing some sets and costumes
the shop was disappointing - not too much interesting merchandise - more fun things online

next went to an art gallery and tea shop
I got excellent tea, and learned new things about tea, and got to speak with a knowledgeable (Joy) tea person! a lovely time. if you are in the area do stop in

popped back to air bnb to grab my things then off to the train back
napped on the train

I went to Postcard Teas
cute shop
beautiful art on tins
haven't tried the osmanthus that i purchased yet
expensive and no sample sizes
couldn't tell if they sold cups of tea
also arrived minutes before closing :(

next went to the blue police box in london!

Finally took trains and checked into hostel
I was considering going to baker street or the museum but it was late
Dinner in the pub, greasy but good
forced to be social so gave up and went to bed
rooms were small but not bad
the lockers were way to small to keep anything other than purse in
bathroom was shared by everyone on a floor and coed
stairs were narrow and hard to navigate with bunches of luggage
pub food was good, not expensive, and an assortment of drinks
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Sunday September 20

Woke up 7am for breakfast - cold cereal, toast, juice, tea, coffee were available

used my computer down in the pub for a bit

navigated to transit for luton airport
gatwick airport was nicer
got there a bit too early - so got some starbucks things we don't have here for lunch
checked my bags
went through security
shopped a bit and exchanged pounds for euro
got the plane to dublin
had to go through customs on the way in
then got my bags
then bought a sim
then bought a bus ticket

went to the hostel

next went to queen of tarts
delicious scone, and tasty "bacon" (the bacon here is like candian bacon) tart and earl grey. it was a bag.
when i asked what kind of green tea they had they said green, so not impressed with the tea

wandered around, found a "the joy of cha" shop - nice tea selection, properly made.

next i wandered past a whisky shop in the temple bar area and tried green spot, it was tasty and i usually prefer burbon

back to do laundry and then sleep


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