Feb. 27th, 2015

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OK places to try out to make money


Roll your own

  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

Rejected / closed stores

  • RedditGifts
  • Etsy

Crowd Funding

  • Paetron
  • KickStarter
  • Tilt
  • GoFundMe


Feb. 27th, 2015 07:37 pm
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  • Approved on amazon, yea!
  • Some business shenanigans, boo
  • 1 PM forced to leave
  • 1 PM chose to leave
  • 2 devs leaving for startup
  • minimal and decreasing tea of the month subscribers
  • class was well embraced! yea!
  • exhausted and barely managed class in time
  • reddit gifts, the place i had the most success in 2014, closing, how am i going to replace that? major setback
  • teaity chat, need to get baskets out for that
  • FCC and net neutrality
  • leonard nimoy died
  • not all house contractor stuff done, that which was done was done poorly
  • cat puked on carpet, still some there
  • soap spilled on carpet - think still some there?
  • house a mess and needs cleaning
  • too tired to cook, to broke to buy takeout, so cereal
  • bonus less than expected
  • not done taxes 2014 yet
  • not ready for march totm yet
  • girls vampire night (yea!)
  • had to block an infosec person i admired/liked b/c they wanted to argue ueteri are not regulated (it was a post about guns and uteri being regulated) I love my guns, i want them unregulated but fuck my vagina is regulated and shouldn't be.
  • reading hour (yea!) with the pre-k kid (volunteer) but i realize i can't keep it up and need to not participate next semester - participate here http://www.smartbeginningsnrv.org/
  • need to shovel walk
  • to do list so long will never get to fun projects, or fun.
  • DBI meeting
  • aww http://menandtheirrabbits.tumblr.com/
  • getting a new corset!
  • featured on front page of local college paper
  • friend came over to chat (non local but here often)

and more i am likely forgetting

the stress and the tired making me forgetful
work responsibilities mounting, i feel like i am going to drop a ball

mentally and physically so tired, it's whiplash, up down!

had to skip meetup, because busy, no wonder no one local close to me


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