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Sunday 5 February 2017

Woke early

rushed out to meet the 7:00 am pickup for Blue Mountains Tour with Activity Tours $116

So many tour busses, nerve wracking getting the right one

forgot to eat muffin

water i picked up was lime sugar water crap, ugh

we stopped at a small town for potties and a sandwich and bakery shop
I tried to order a PB&J
lady kept wanting to put butter on it
ended up with a "jam" sandwich
definitely language barriers and we both spoke english
also a chocolate croissant and coke

ate croissant and coke for breakfast (less than 20, more than 5)

Blue Mountains, Three Sisters rock formation at Katoomba

continued on to scenic world
took glass bottom cableway, railway (STEEP), and skyway (39$)

then we went to a few scenic overlooks (2)
at once i bought a juice $5 (apple black currant)
ate my sandwich

then we wandered to featherdale wildlife park
pictures with koala $20
and i got to pet a koala and a kangaroo!
it was a bit rushed as there was traffic

so hot and humid we were melting

finished with Fantasea ferry "Leave the magnificent Blue Mountains, crossing the Nepean River, and wind down with a relaxing river cruise from Olympic Park at Homebush along the Parramatta River, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and back to Circular Quay"

tour guide was amusing old guy with opinions and a captive audience (he is very against the new international airport for example)

got off the ferry and was thinking about food, but decided to head back to hostel


Laundry $13 again

ate the muffin finally, and the candy, it got melty had to put in fridge and firm it up

Sushi $15




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