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Geek / Nerd seeking a partner to enjoy things with.

I am looking for someone who is skilled where I am not, a partner to take on life with.

I grew up Jewish / Roman Catholic but am not religious. I would prefer a partner be non-religious, or at least willing to participate in their spirituality alone and leave me out of it.

I do not want children.

I do not smoke, and don't want to date anyone that smokes.

I am:
A gun owner and pro second amendment.
A Sexual (don't like sex)
Kinky (BDSM - masochist not submissive or top, and i don't mix sex into my kink)
Polyamorous / Open relationships (FYI it's hard to get security clearance with the US Government if involved with poly)
Heteroflexible (prefer men)

Tea - I own a tea company and love trying new teas
geek/nerd TV / movies (Dr Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Xena, Battlestar Galactica, other Sci Fi)
gamer (pc, console, board, card, dice, RPG, LARP)
hacker/infosec (DEFCON, shmoocon, HOPE, BSides)
Reading (fiction, non fiction, all the books!)
Shooting (Range with paper targets, never tried trap/skeet)
love to travel - well being somewhere not getting there


Bad with:
saving / money management

I dislike driving and can't wait until we can all just appear somewhere!

I am type A and like making lists (you couldn't guess from the crazy lists of things above?)

Random information, I only have one eye, the other is lazy and blind meaning I have no 3D / depth perception.

prior rants:

Date: 2012-12-18 03:47 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hasufin
It seems to me that you've got a good list of information. I caution that you should definitely use "infosec" rather than "hacker" - the people you want to get that will know, and you'll avoid the stigma of "OMG the evul hackerz!"

Your religious leaning might be useful to know.

Also, some concept, but not too specific, of what you're after in a partner - looking at what you've given, I'm not even sure what gender you're after.

Now, of course, you'll have to present your list in a format that reads better for whatever dating sites you're after. And you'll have to answer questions you didn't think about, etc.

My big complaint about dating profiles, and I'm not referring to yours here, are the ones that manage in over a thousand words to say absolutely nothing. As a friend summarized one such profile: "She really loves her loved ones. And cares about people she cares about."
So, I'd say, be ready to put out a little bit about yourself - as in, actual information. It doesn't have to be deeply person, but enough to give other people a chance to make a connection. Most people on these dating sites work so terribly hard to polish themselves into a smooth ball that's absolutely perfect and gives no purchase whatsoever. Don't do that.

Date: 2012-12-19 04:04 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hasufin
Guess it depends on how you feel about the stigma. Most people don't know the word hacker from anything with more depth than that movie. That's not really their fault; consider if you want to filter out people who simply don't know.

I'd say mention that you're not religious - or, more accurately, that you would prefer your ideal partner not be religious? Same with the gender. If you simply leave it out, the assumption is "somebody else".

I think the issue expressing what we want in a partner is, well, in the expression. What we're after is emotional fulfillment, but that's both scary to explain (it calls for a LOT of self-examination) and hard to express. So instead we come up with a laundry list of ideas that amount to talking around what we really want.


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