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Monday September 14
2am wake up
3am drive to airport
not any real issues with security
forced checked bag at gate (free)
bought lock in terminal to lock bag (yea!)
had chai and croissant for breakfast
6am flight
7am land
took NYC Airporter to grand central
met Jo! (agiftoftea)
we started at a Laduree, disappointing tea, but tasty basked goods
next was palaise des thes (browsing)
tshopNYC (lovely charcoal roast! then a very interesting aged pomello black)
then bopped to harney & sons soho for lunch (tea, cheese plate, amazing scones, tasty paris and red velvet cake)
next was uptown teavana, a surprise visit to teaformeplease, and then back on the NYC Airporter
had a lovely layover, thanks Jo
checked bag myself this time
very grumpy TSA
dinner at the airport (wine, caprisi salad)
nommed a slice of my grandmother's jewish apple cake at the gate, heaven
delayed flight due to electrical issues, they tried rebooting but needed a new part and a reboot
slept on plane
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Tuesday September 15
landed in dublin ireland at noon?
went through customs, very similar to candian customs (aka not much at all) and then got bag after
looked like the US really, but with accents and more red heads
looked at SIMs but didn't get one as UK seemed roaming, mistake
back into the airport, paid to check bag (ryan air very small check on req's!)
went through security
grabbed some snacks (ribena and chocolate)
checked internet
flew to UK
no customs
saw a sim kiosk, but wanted to compare prices, wandered around no others by the time got back they closed
utilized free wifi for a bit, grabbed train tickets, started on GPS free adventure, lots of confusion
grabbed a pasty at one of the stations thank goodness, famished
there was a taxi stand at the kings langley station thank goodness, grabbed that to the de vere hotel
my charger didn't work, so no cell, gps or power
passed out
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Wednesday September 16
up at 7:30
charged for it despite it supposed to be included, angry
harry potter tour! 10a-2pm - apparently the record is 13+ hours, i am not that rabid a fan or that good a camera, but talking to the staff was fabulous, most seemed to have worked on the film! It was back to school week so they were all wearing actual robes from the filming.
gift shop of course after
rode a double decker bus, not a red one though, back to train station
went to the globe theater, walked to it in the rain and arrived quite wet, but luckily before they closed
rode a black taxi to wombats hostel london as it was rainy and i was tied and wet and had no google maps
put stuff in room
went to try and find converter and SIM
bought some in local bodega
then had dinner at red chilli
went back to room
SIM didn't work on burner, but did work on 1+1, not the plan but i'll take it
converter worked
spent rest of night online in common room (pretty awful connection) responding to emails etc etc until 1am ish?
went back and crashed, everyone else asleep
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Thursday September 17
woke up 6:30am
got dressed and popped off to find tower bridge underground stop
took the underground and some trains and busses to get to LON3
went through paddington in the process and could only think of the bear
Slightly spiffier than the older DCs in the US
nice people
hitched a ride with a security racker back to HQ
got badge activated and worked from HQ
HQ has a mini cooper IN the office
they also have awesome nerf ammo dumps to keep the floor from being littered with darts (like US HQ)
Another cool feature is a card with 10 facts about each racker on the wall
had lunch in the canteen - giant burrito
they have fancy automatic drink machines (grind beans make espresso)
the campus is large and spreads over a few buildings
ran away a touch after 5pm - trains and underground back to the city
went to twinings shop - stopped through traflagar square on the way, they had tea samples, a knowledgeable girl explaining about tea serving the samples, and a selection of quality full leaf loose leaf! which they don't sell in stores other than theirs
they have a mini history bit in the back, i liked it
tons of old neat architecture along the way, and churches, and oddly shaped buildings on triangular street corners (as in not 90degree corners)
snapped pic of a double decker bus
planned to do dinner at sherlock pub - it was too crowded
wandered to the london eye, too expensive
wandered past big ben and over 2 bridges (a pedestrian bridge and westminster)
baker street was too far to go see, so was the police box and everything else had closed earlier
got hungry tried to find food - everything's kitchens were closed. it was before 9pm
found a place Z? and had wild boar ragu, berry cyder, and a tasty chocolate cake
went back to hostel, popped down to get water then to sleep, tossed and turned and didn't sleep well (hot, light, noise)


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