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Describe a significant experience that has happened in the past year. How did it affect you? Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired?

OLT Event, I got to see friends in Philly which was great.

I visited, on my own, Australia! new zealand! That literally has been a goal of mine for many years. See the name AmazonV, think Xena. It was good, but the pain of the flight was terrible. I didn't get to do as much as I wanted, but it was still cool. I am glad I did it, too bad I couldn't have stayed longer.

Health- I was deemed pre diabetic, had an endless (still have) headache, arthritis, joint pain and other things resulting in many doctor visits. I also now semi regularly goto the gym and practice yoga. talk about things I never thought I would do. The flight joint pain sparked the flurry of specialists.

I visited friends in texas which was great. so spread out.

I maintained both my partners, although lots of kerfluffles.

I went back to williamsburg for the first time in a long time, with Y&M and my primary. It made me think of poppy.

Primary had surgery, and apparently just pops awake after and feels fine. I watched him a bit and drove him. later in the year he had to return the favor for me. Why won't they remove my uterus?

i spent me and one of my partners birthday's in vegas, interesting to see it off season.

I hosted a fancy dinner party with silver and china, i enjoy such things and was glad it went well.

we went to my primary's friends wedding, he was in the wedding. I got to see his hometown, meet some of his friends and family, and goto universal and disney!

we has hackers on a farm 2 HOF2 - not as busy as 1, but it was a good time. except we forgot to put a thing under the pig. thanks to mary and matt for being firefighters it worked out.

I tried meditation, i really. it's not for me.

I tried 21 days of gratitude, I did it. I am still a cranky bitch.

I tried to step back, i did stop running classes and munches but still saddled with hackerspace and still overly busy. I am a failure at no.

I visited both the VA RF (primary and metamour), and MI RF (other partner and friends). <3 faires.

My tea is now in the hotel roanoke! and alexander black house. Still considering closing though due to the amount of work to benefit. I got slapped with way past due taxes (litter, $10/year) I had NEVER heard of. ugh. stress.

I got to attend the 25th year of defcon, it's gotten so big ... i just want to see friends

I went to my first ever Dragoncon with my primary. it was very fun, but too many people too crazy, not going back. such awesome costumes! jim butcher was awesome in person, so was alex kingston, karen gillian. i learned tricks for sewing with patterns (buter paper, adjustments, curvey sewing collective), played mage for the first time and got in some shadowrun. I also went to the EFF IOT sex toy talk as well as a tea duel, my first ever. it was silly and fun.

I am exhausted and depressed and waiting for the next year to be over and for me to hopefully be medically straightened out.
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