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So I got asked if I really liked infosec

This made me think - a guy would have never been asked that question

Which made me think back to BSidesLV where a goon was asking me stuff, and i mentioned i was a D&D gamer, and he replied that meant I'd fit in fine - like I was arm candy

And all the quips at HOPE, DEFCON, etc. that made me feel i needed to justify my presence

reality begets expectations, as much as it is on occasion nice to be treated nicely b/c i am a girl, i'd rather be treated equally

i'm not talking quotas, i'm talking speak with me the same way you would a guy about guy things

unless you are hitting on me i guess

At work there aren't many girls, in the tech side of the house

Side note:

Clarifications from twitter argument

I don't object to people making visual / sexual decisions
(she's hot, i'd bang that)
because i do tat too (he's hot)

I don't object to people having opinions about clothes influencing their opinion of someone (show up at an interview at a formal corporation in jeans versus suit)

The issue is when you automatically have a DIFFERENT valuation of a person based on gender

attending a gaming convention, dressed in jeans and a tshirt
if you think, for guy or girl, hey wonder what genre they play (console, pc, card, rpg, larp)
if you think girl: arm candy guy: hey wonder what genre they play (console, pc, card, rpg, larp)

that's where we have the problem

people filtering by gender FIRST

yes there are less girls in IT
no i don't mind the sexist humor
i mind when the customer keeps asking for a TECH after i explain i am a windows admin and would be happy to help

"dressing like that is asking for it" gets into RAPE culture
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