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Feb 18
Woke early, not as early as hoped
A bit gassy from the Aussielent
More aussielent for breakfast, and chocolates
Off to the Queen Victoria Market – lots of stalls etc. some of fruit, cheese, meats, mushrooms, clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, etc etc.
I got a finger lime and a giant fig – all the figs are giant here ~$1
The fig tasted like a fig at home
I got a flat white and croissant ~$9 it was actually light and fluffy
Another USB-c charging cable to see if it works better $12
Arc Lighters didn’t buy as trying to do carry on only
Jewelry & souveniers $90 for friends & partners
Next up was The state library chill out beanbag area again with wifi and power. It just started raining so that worked well.
Next I went to Melbourne Central – huge mall! Had a wander around. I don’t recall buying anything?
I stopped at Ramen Ya in the food court for food and tea – it was tasty $
Then wandered more (again don’t think I got anything)
As I left I got a macroon $3 it was good
Then I headed to Chinatown, which I had wandered near but I found the gates, small and not that great of a Chinatown IMO
Then I hit the Alchemists Refuge – a bar under a gaming shop, had a cider $8
Then I wandered around white night, got a boba $
Wandered more it is apparently white night, whatever that means, there is musical acts and streets are closed and places are staying open late. Apparently this happens all over? I’ve never heard of it, nor the girls in my hostel room.
Headed back to hostel
Taking some notes then off to sleep
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