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2015-05-03 08:37 pm

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breakfast: last of the ketosoy
lunch: banana, guac and chips, cupcake (D&D)
dinner: burger, pasta salad, mousee cake, hard cider

nothing new to note - other than less gassy and rummbly today with a probiotic
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2015-05-02 12:43 pm

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ketosoy breakfast
had a banana after
not filling
thicker after sitting in fridge but still drinkable through straw
i would like the flavor and texture as much as soylent if i felt full after drinking a pint

tummy extra rumbly / gurgly
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2015-05-01 07:53 pm

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Taste: without splenda - healthy tasting like whole grain bread, hints of chocolate (not unpleasant) more chocolaty but still grain flavored with half the provided splenda
Texture: thin, with chunks
Fullness: not full after one meal :(
Notes: the chunky look made me fear it would be like 100% food, but it was chugable


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