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Feb 14
Went to bed early and slept in, until 8?
Got dressed, packed some, and headed out for breakfast.
Used yelp to find a lovely small creperie, Roule Galette, that was run by two French women (strong French accents, muttering French, had recently been back to france). $20
Excellent crepe (cherry tomatoe, swiss cheese, egg, arrugala), and a lovely pot of T2 english breakfast tea (not amazing but much better than the bagged nonsense I have been getting).
Went back to hostel and packed up.
I headed out to the state library which has a bag check but not big enough for my bag. I was disappointed.
But they have a reading nook with electricity, bean bags and wifi so lurking here for 2 hours catching up on internet and viewing their 360 google view tour. Close enough I guess.
After catching up on the internet for a bit I headed by train then SkyBus to the airport.
At the airport I got a cup of tea $4, a teabag, sad but not bad, tea drop Malabar Chai.
I listened to “Side Jobs” for a bit and I noshed on two protein bars I had and finished off my jelly beans, then it was time to board.
I had somehow overplanned and could have spent a bit longer before heading to the airport, but oh well.
Loaded onto the plane, got free cookie and juice and listened more to my book.
I was greeted by The Devotea at the airport and got to ride home in the bright yellow Devotea-mobile. We headed off in the midst of rush hour to The Fortress via a shop to grab some items for dinner.
Once at the Fortress Robert went to cook a dinner and dessert up.
While he cooked I got the grand tour from Lady Devotea along with some tea.
We also ran into a huntsman – Australia is full of terrifying bugs.
We of course had dinner with tea - Alishan Tillerman Tea Co..
Dinner was extra special as it was with Saxon – the other Devotea in Australia – and her partner Eve. We all had a lovely dinner.
After dinner we were all a bit tired and passed out.
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