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2015-04-29 05:28 pm

today - food experiment

Today i had chocolate joylent and ovaltine for breakfast (pint)
then trashed the rest

For lunch I had a meal square

I snacked a little in the morning and a bunch in the afternoon


i should have had two squares for lunch
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2015-04-27 04:41 pm

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Meal squares are significantly improved when microwaved 20 seconds and topped with jam
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2015-04-23 11:45 pm

Day 12 experiment

Day 12
400 calories

texture: over dry brownie, very dry

taste: mostly flour? grain? then fruit, raisin? walnut?
like a cookie

chugging so much tea with this
time consuming
soylent wins

full after half of one (200 cal)

assuming dry is for shelf life

ate another quarter for dinner, couldn't keep up with the chew, drink chew drink.

They are MUCH more portable though - stable for 2 days in your lunchbag - which beats the hell out of the 2 hour warning on wet soylent.

sad i have a bunch more i have to eat

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2015-04-21 10:51 am

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I got my Meal Squares
400 calories each


Slightly concerned as one seems not vacuum sealed and the other is?

UPDATE: Contacted customer service they said it was such a short mailing time they will be fine, but to put in fridge if not consuming right away (but offered to send replacements). Very happy with customer service.