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2015-05-06 10:49 am

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may 4
crazy day!
Ambronite half for breakfast (see prior post)
yogurt lunch
a 2 graze for snacks
soylent 1.4 dinner
driving to another state late in the evening

May 5
in hotel using bottled water and pre measured amount of soylent 1.4 i had breakfast
lunch was food at an irish pub post plane flight
snack was a starbucks mango carrot smoothie (eww)
dinner was soylent and a piece of fruit made from a pre measured amount of soylent 1.4 in a nalgene
snack was coco almonds

I traveled by plane just fine with 1 box of 1.4 (to trade with someone local for all joylent flavors) and 2 pouches 1.4 and a few nalgenes of 1.4 pre measured into meals
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2015-05-04 09:28 am


Taste: some kind of healthy spinach/leafy green smoothy
Texture: also like a blended veggie smoothy - fibery but chugable
Fullness: immediate, very full
Notes: much like joylent it has a floury after mouthfeel which i dislike, i wonder if that improves with refrigeration? (it did not with joylent). I made this warm and drank immediately.

I am finding i can only handle 250cal for breakfast, so i was only able to finish half the Ambronite


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