What I'm Reading Wednesday

May. 24th, 2017 08:20 am
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I got a lot of reading done while we were away over the weekend, so I finished the third Adrian Tchaikovsky, Blood of the Mantis. This one takes place in some new locations, and I remember the first time I read it I kept forgetting why the characters were there in the first place. I didn't have that problem this time, so I don't know what was different. Maybe I was somehow just paying more attention, even though I was pretty much just powering through because I wanted to finish it by Monday. (I did. Barely.) Or maybe it was because I spent such long stretches with it so I stayed in the story better. I haven't started Salute the Dark yet, but I'm going to do so soon.

Yesterday, my book about primulas (Plant-Lover's Guide to Primulas) arrived, so I was dipping into that before bedtime instead. It's got lots of pictures in it and should, I think, be useful. I don't know if I'll wind up reading it cover to cover, but at the moment I suppose I'm just trying to learn something. I now have EVEN MORE of an ambition of covering up the whole garden with prims! Well, not really, because I don't think Husband would let me, but I do have a number of vague ideas for where some could go and some confidence in eventually moving and adding to some of the ones I've already got. Gotta look for that dappled shade! (Can't believe I just wrote that. I've got ten thumbs and none of them green. Halp!)

What I'm Reading Wednesday

May. 17th, 2017 05:18 pm
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I finished Dragonfly Falling the other day and have pushed straight on to Blood of the Mantis which is third in the series and for some reason I remember it much better than the others. It's a little shorter than the first two, but I don't know if I'll be able to finish it faster for that reason. It's a little difficult for me to really get going (although this might have something to do with me being quite tired today because of working (very) late yesterday, and reading just requiring more thinking than sitting here with Stardew Valley.)

As for The Watchmaker from Filigree Street, I haven't made progress on that one. It's the problem of the audiobook. Sometimes I just kinda forget it's there.

For later, I just received two new (to me) Discworld books and I should hopefully have a third one coming, although it seems to be somewhat delayed. Not even sure now how I'm going to fit those in. I don't really want to wait until I've chewed my way through a whole ten book series, but on the other hand I'm loath to take a break with Shadows of the Apt for fear of not managing to get back into it again until so much time has past that I had better just start over instead. That sort of thing happens to me.

Eurovision Finals

May. 13th, 2017 09:04 pm
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You know the drill. Everything under the cut. Post will be edited several times over the evening.

Totally full of spoilery spoilers that spoils max! )

And that's all from me. Goodnight circle!

Well, I did it.

May. 13th, 2017 04:07 pm
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I had a bit of a hesitation before clicking the rename button, but it still felt good to do so. Moving on and what not. Hesitation was mostly due to whether or not to redirect old username to new one, because doing so meant the old one would never again become available for anybody else to use, not even me.

Content, circles, whatever of this place remains exactly the same.

Moreteadk = [personal profile] angrboda
[personal profile] angrboda = Moreteadk

Now with only one online name. I like it. :)

I do have a different icon that's my default [personal profile] angrboda icon (Ang-con!) everywhere else, but I'll keep this one for a little while yet, because it's got the old name on it and should help to remind you all that I'm me. Or something.


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