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I am planning to reflect over the year utilizing google calendar - but it made me think back on my job too

I was interested in computers, and was lucky enough to have a neighbor who was too and parents who bought me parts

I learned to build and work with a DOS box and was happy

Windows 3.11 was the shit when it came out

I had a grandmother who was a secretary and taught me word processing, and who had a printer (the kind you had to tear off the perforated sides)

In there I coerced mom to give me my own phone line, I was a girl and all!

I secured an ISP - my second or third I have kept to this day ( and learned from friends, books, classes (AOL in there with all the free diskettes!) I was fortunate my grade school and summer schools taught fetch, typing, etc.

I couldn't talk to the other neighborhood geek girl with prodigy, which was sad. Luckily there were BBSes.

Many times I called Bee dot net support - and one time Rich taught me to FTP and I learned HTML by picking apart others pages. We got a free web page with the ISP monthly fee. I had a (horrible) Xena fan site - and hung out on IRC and the official web chat boards for Xena. That's where my handle came from.

What if Rich at bee dot net hadn't been kind to a small girl who was confused? Would I work at Rackspace now?

So that's why I think I am so passionate about youth STEM education. One person influenced my life, a ISP support person on night shift.

After that I learned all I could, I went to Clarkson University as part of the schoolie program (skipped some high school) to become a BS-Comp Sci

I ended up BS-MIS instead due to Calc3 (don't even start) and one programming professor. Then I got a Masters of Science in Information Systems.

I worked as a QA/BA/PM at one company and progressed up to Sys Admin and Sr Sys Admin who did deploys and builds

All that progress was deciding it needed to be done, and I would figure it out, and I did.

I learned how to use TFS, VSS,, javascript, asp, admin multiple versions of windows and more.

I have deviated from my roots - I have developers now, amazing ones I really appreciate, and I am on the business side. But still in tech.

So that's a bit more than 2015 spoilers, but, I have emailed Rich before and thanked him. Have you thanked who showed you your life's work?


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