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About me

common questions on reddit



160-190 lbs depending (size 10/12)

not active (desk dweller)

Why soylent experiment?

Save time - I am busy and would eat tubs of ice cream because I was too tired to cook and too broke to buy. This is healthier than that.

How much?

I eat breakfast and dinner as soylent (or alternative) but cook and eat lunch with cowokers for social time. I also travel and do other events, often leading me to not have soylent (I like traveling with soylent when i can but sometimes lack the space)

Isn't it boring?

yes, but thats fine i chug it.

Do you not like food?

No i LOVE food, but enjoying cooking and eating a meal versus being very hungry and tired and then tossing things together is different. when I have time i am glad to cook and eat delicious things.