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Day 2:

Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

Disappointed I have not scheduled to see my friends next year, as I did a good job this past year i think. I want to do better.

I joined the board at hacksburg, and have arranged one event a month since joining. sadly they have garnered no attendance or members.
I hosted an unconference.

I taught or helped tech classes (python, excel) and events (KTU)

i volunteered to read to kids again once a week

i hosted a second annual craft fair

i run the local munches

I taught tea classes, including one in an office, and people loved them
i am trying tea beers as marketing
i did multiple festivals and sold well
i still suck at marketing and business

i finally found a partner, maybe two, and am not as lonly anymore

i have a regular gaming group that are my friends

i still suck at finances

i learned to weld

i used power tools to build shelves

i planned an international trip, my first

i need to work on more open and honest

i need to learn to work better? smarter at work, i feel like i cause all my own fall behinds
but after getting an offer from microsoft and rackspace fighting to keep me i guess i can't think i am bad at my job anymore. the first real job offer ever for me, maybe.

I need to work on no, and downtime, most things i have done i have done because asked, and don't sleep enough or get down time


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