Feb. 4th, 2017

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Feb 4
Breakfast - peaches and cream, coffee, chcoolate croissant, eggs, potatoe pancakes

I also ate a kinder egg! never seen one before so got one, cute

Checkout $679.50 Atura
Breakfasts were more expensive than I thought, i would have eaten more each day or something

uber $

kmart-to get flipflops and lock $14.5

boba tea on walk to train $4.80

$7 starbucks - chocolate green tea frappachino

$5 water

checked into hostel $112.44

$70 for attraction tickets

Sea Life
penguins! up close but not without barriers :(
Such bright and amazing colors in nature
$5 water

Wild Life
Butterfly garden like in canada
$10 fries and water, were supposed to be rosemary fries but were plane, also "large" is not fucking around, and they keep being called chips
got the $25 pictures (resisted at sea life) of me since i really have no pictures of me so far

Madame Tousand-meh and sort of creepy

then wandered back to the hostel to do laundry
$13 for soap and wash and dry, sigh

next dinner and ATM and breakfast supplies

photo album: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNAclyxWGS-RGoQH83MMkFCSRvbOZFBZqf6XYc1SLoiV6Pk8gzAsogYUaDaGz0YVw?key=dTdnVGFhNy1XeERrWk9RTUZCbHlnbmdSMFR4UW1n

update: had to pay for wifi

dinner i had in the bar at the hostel, $ they had no stout so i got a jack n coke and a burger, it was ok
there was a beer pong tournement going on and i think some guy tried to hit on me.

I also went to 7-11 for water, muffin and candy $ with the plan to eat muffin for breakfast


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