Feb. 2nd, 2017

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day 2 (updated) Thursday 2 Feb

woke up early
did emails

had to get an emergency pet sitter-roommates grandmother died (my emergency is more expensive, wee)

got the telestral phone working, happy i now have two, makes me feel like no matter what i'll have a phone

had breakfast
the coffee was meh, the waffles were dense the cold porridge was good
had to taxi to the DataCenter $47.78
visited the DC
got a cool tour-I love the organisation of the DCs
worked in the office, nice folks

got uber to mall

popped to a giant mall, i like the malls here
a fight broke out between school kids and security had to jump in while i ate my lamb wrap :( The wrap was from a place SumoSalad and was about 10$
I wandered into Target, MUCH smaller, much less items, shelving seemed shorter and everything displayed differently. I grabbed some chocolate (kinder egg, dairy milk bar) and a book (paper for when phone dies) then wandered around more. $17
I tried to find cheap flipflops and lock for hostels but all expensive
I wandered into Aldi - they have those here
I wandered into Coles - a grocery chain
The food here seems similar to US with different names, and more expensive, soda is 4-6$ for a small bottle. Also a lot of asian food (not surprised) Japanese, Thai, Korean
wanted boba tea but had to go get the bus

then had to uber from the bus

bad bad choice of hotel :(

talked to front desk and checking out early

nice (clean, hip, has microwave, has cups and plates and silverwear, big room) place but only if you have a car, uber prices are killing me

food prices are killing me
very expensive trip :(

and i already had too much on my credit card
the chips are going to fall
i am scared and worried
swapping to a hostel saturday and another hostel sunday and then off to auckland
tomorrow downtown office - half day? and the zoo or gardens

chocolate doesn't seem much better here?
didn't in london either
i am a tasteless american?


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