Jan. 2nd, 2017

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For part of the vegas birthday celebrations i decided to go swanky, I like swanky.

I booked a room in October at the aria sky suites as it seemed to have good online reviews, and despite being the same chain as bellagio, where i has a sub par experience

They indicated not to bother (they seemed busy) booking dinner or details yet

so in December i asked for
a larger robe as one of the two people staying in the room was larger and the one size robes don't fit
i asked to book a birthday dinner

i got no response

they reached out for booking the limo pickup from hotel
i provided airport information and asked about dinner again
I got the menus for three recommended restaurants

in general the email responsiveness seemed lacking

the day of arrived. there was a slight issue with the limo pickup - me and the driver missed one another and i had to call to have them call the driver so we could meet at the same place. I had provided my cell so not sure why after a certain time period the driver didn't initiate a call?

the limo was nice and had water, and the driver was very friendly

we arrived at the private VIP entrance and went in to get checked in.

it was nice not having the long normal vegas check in line.

my room was not yet ready, but it was 2pm and check in was not until 3 so that was OK, it was the day after a holiday and i bet many people were sleeping in

again the staff was polite and friendly

i attempted to confirm dinner reservations, there was none, so we made one.

i then wandered to the sky pool (which was right next to the normal pool, without too much barrier, and outside so cold) and listened to my audio book and got a martini. there seemed no way to flag down service if i wanted it, luckily after the $20 martini i didn't want another

the pool closed at 4 so i headed back, they had taken my number and were supposed to call when the room was ready, and had not called, but i needed a reprinted m-life card anyway and the concierge said front desk (vip check in front desk) could do it. so i got that and found my room was available. i was disappointed i was not called.

i went and got my room, and my bag which they were holding was promptly delivered by a polite person.

i then checked on my companions flight and the time for sherlock - and decided to move dinner later - which was easy - again friendly staff

i then waited in the sky lounge with free wine and cheese and snacks. the wine was hard to get (low staffing) and although the water and snacks were replenished frequently they were not that impressive (as compared to ritz carlton or four seasons).

My companion arrived, when he arrived he got a line pass card (skip to the front of the cafe line, why did i not get one?) and his own cards

we enjoyed some snacks then went to unpack in the room

they did have 3 robes, however they were all the same size and none fit him. this was disappointing.

turn down service stopped by to offer chocolate and water etc.

we got a free bottle of champagne to celebrate our birthdays in the room and some cookies. that was sweet.

then we decided to head down and wander about, and get more snacks, snacks implied to change (wine to drinks) after 6, this was not the case as best i could tell. we then discovered ourselves locked out of the room as his card when issued deactivated my card. it would have been nice if they informed him of this.

we waited on security, which didn't take too long, and got let in.

we then watched sherlock then got ready for dinner

dinner was at sage

the appetizer and dessert were lovely, i found the entrees lacking - over spiced and not too special.

I also was not impressed with the drink "peat" it was not that peaty. the absinthe i wanted was also not stocked but on the menu, so i settled for something else.

The waitress was very attentive, our water glasses never got empty, everyone was friendly.

dinner was about 2 hours and we closed the place out. they indicated we got a free dessert, we got candles! as it was our birthday, the bill seemed a bit high for that but whatever.

we got back, and i set an alarm and tried to pre order breakfast.
it attempted to order right then and there. this seems a software failure.
we called and had it straightened out.
then we slept

the room itself was nice, clean, and large with a great huge bathroom and fancy toto toilets. great big windows to let in daylight and see vegas.

in the morning we woke up and room service came in, asked if we were leaving that day, then left. i found it not ideal that she was unaware that a) we were checking out that day and b) we had not yet checked out

room service finally came

my french toast was luke warm and not impressive - and the fresh squeezed orange juice was in a sticky glass with seeds. for a 60$+ breakfast i was not impressed.

during this time they called and asked if we needed luggage assistance, a hint i think that it was time to go

we then checked out and left

overall i paid 1500$+ for less than 19 hours with a room and two meals

The staff were friendly and polite, but not attentive to detail or really anything above and beyond.
The room was large and clean with modern furniture and appliances.
The food was not impressive and even mundane.

When you finish this off with the CRM (customer relationship management) issue i have with the MGM chain, i won't be staying at their locations again if i can help it.


CRM issue this time

I made the reservation
it was under my email
my credit card
i added my companion to the room so he could get keys / get past security

I was called Mrs his last name
My bags were checked under his name

This could either be a FIFO issue or a alphabetical issue.

either way if it is in house software, it should be fixed
if it is 3rd party they should bother the 3rd party to fix it.


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