Feb. 13th, 2015

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Includes Discounts!! best registrar read the whole thing for tons of info

Gandi.net US​ newsletter: [GANDI] IRC, PVLAN, and other delightfully nerdy acronyms
1. /join #gandi on IRC
2. Private networks on our Cloud Infrastructure
3. February new gTLD release calendar
4. Promo roundup
It's the dead of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and many of you are
suffering through cold and snows, looking for something to brighten your
days. Actually, to be honest, we wouldn't know anything about that,
since we're penning these lines in the heart of 73-degree San Francisco,
where the constant jackhammering outside our office has driven us to the
brink of giving it all up for a cabin in the woods.

Fortunately for you, we're afraid of bears, and so we shall press on to
tell you about the latest happenings at Gandi, including the grand
opening of our IRC channel, our new private VLAN tools, and no less than
19 promotions on domain names.

We've also lowered prices on .IO domains, rolled out privacy protection
on .XYZ, released dozens of new TLDs, and are simply jackhammeringly
feverish with excitement about next month!

1. /join #gandi on IRC
Our IRC channel, which has existed for years but has been private until
now, is now open to the public.

Most of the activity in this channel is some combination of helpful
advice and witty banter, and only a little bit of it is about our ties
to the Lizard People.
You can find us in #gandi on Freenode:

2. Private networks on our Cloud Infrastructure
Our Private VLAN system has just received a major upgrade.
Specifically, we simplified usability by adding the option to
automatically configure your servers, either via the admin panel
in your Gandi account or with the blossoming Gandi CLI. For
details, check out our post on the upgrade below (tutorials included!):


3. February new gTLD release calendar
Here's our calendar of expected domain releases this month. As usual,
things can change, but right now this is how it looks from here:

Wednesday, February 4:
.fashion (Sunrise)
.garden (Sunrise)

Thursday, February 5:
.poker (Sunrise)

Sunday, February 8:
.energy (3-day Landrush)
.delivery (3-day Landrush)

Tuesday, February 10:
.casa (GoLive)
.lgbt (GoLive)
.work (GoLive)

Wednesday, February 11:
.energy (GoLive)
.delivery (GoLive)

Tuesday, February 17:
.cricket (GoLive)
.party (GoLive)

Tuesday, February 24:
.sale (Sunrise)
.video (Sunrise)
.science (GoLive)

4. Promo roundup
And now, as a Valentine to you, beloved customer, here is a bouquet of
15 attractive price reductions on new gTLDs:

The Indian registry Radix is showering us with a bunch of little price
reductions (it's the little gifts that make a registrar feel special).
.MODA, .PUB, .REVIEWS and .SOCIAL one-year creations are 25% off through
the end of June:

And we have new promotions on .CM, .WEBSITE, .PRESS and .HOST:

- .CM one-year creations will cost $24 instead of $94 until March 31.
- .CM renewals, normally $94, will be reduced to $50 until February 28:

.WEBSITE one-year creations will be at $4.13 instead of $30.31 until
April 15:

.PRESS one-year creations will be at $30 rather than the usual $94.97
until February 28:

.HOST will be available for $35 instead of $124.93 until February 28:

.ME one-year creations are 40% off until the end of March:

.CLUB is $10.74 instead of $13.43 all year:

.ASIA and .IN are 50% off until July 1 ($12.50 and $7.75 respectively):

.COUNTRY is $9.59 (normally $38.34) until May 30:

That's all for February. We'll see you again next month for another
edition of this collaboratively-composed Mad Libs-style monstrosity of a
composition we call a newsletter in another 28 days, unless, of course,
we get stuck in a Groundhog-Day-esque time loop and have to re-live this
one over and over and over...

In the meantime, send us your quips, quids, and best bourbon cocktail
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/gandibar
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GandiBar
- Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GandiNetUS
- Email: newsletter-en@gandi.net

We love you. Yes, you.

The Gandi team

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
February is fine,
but in March things are going to get so crazy that we can't even.


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