Feb. 3rd, 2015

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every other Friday I bring home 1300
so let's say 2600 a month

Discover 3,769.00
so trying to pay $630.00 so i pay it off before 0% expires
yes I am stupid

30$/month payment plan on a few grand to a hospital

expenses that are fixed:
car insurance $101
home insurance $50
Mortgage $500
Artful Place rental $50.00
Internet $40
Stamps.com $16

I could stop, but it impacts someone's livelihood directly
Cleaning 140

Fixed expenses parents help with
Car payment $273.55
Phone Payment 0 (on family plan)

Variable expenses
electric - I budget 200 but its been more lately
water/sewer/trash 50
house needs / repairs

Things I put aside each month to cover property taxes, real estate taxas, HOA etc
TAXES 275$/mo

Credit cards I have and tend to rack a balance on each month and try to pay off monthly
Business credit card 1
personal cc x 2
store CC x1 (paying off this month, promised self won't buy any more on it)

wanted to save for but can not:
hackerspace (year)
smart thermostat
home repairs

expenses that happen:
postage (for business and personal)
Pet food, medical, babysitting (for example 140 this month to get them cared for)
my monthly medications, doctor visits, dental visits (ran over 4k last year)
fees for the tea business, or needing to buy stuff to fill orders or restock

I have told myself no buying ANYTHING
no buying lunch, etc
no eating out
lived on rice and beans for two weeks, currently living off items in pantry

occasionally i slip and i get mad at myself

as you can see the numbers do not add up, and things get worse and worse, what can/should i do?

just had my annual review, no mention of a raise so 2 years + no raise and i guess i just need to suck it up

not renewing Prime b/c it's 100$ even though after analysis i ordered 78 items using prime in 2014 so it saved me $

debating renewing UPS MyChoice (50$?) for the business as it really does help to get my deliveries without muc fuss

do not have cable TV, netflix, etc

update: change witholding?
call liberty mutual and see if insurance can go down
why not call comcast see if internet can be cheaper
(already canceled fancy hands, graze)


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