Jan. 10th, 2015

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Saturday Jan 10
Woke up 8/9am ish
did stuff?
washed mattress cover and pillow covers
stopped by kibbles on main for cat treats
stopped by farmers market for bagels and fresh eggs
bought holiday cards half off at barnes and noble for next year
bought wrapping paper for next year and a few plastic organizer baskets at big lots
returned window film to target since inspector said it was b/c house is poorly insulated and feels that wouldn't help
bought chocolates at target for feb tea of the month mailing
ate lunch at IHOP (well breakfast since i had not yet eaten) using my birthday coupon
decided not to use my coldstone bday coupon (buy one get one, not straight up free)
came home
washing sheets
space saver-ing other sheet sets to try and save room
backing up laptop in prep for reimaging (soon)
rotated bed
cleaned bunny litterbox
clipped nails on one cat paw, brushed a little, need to do rest but cat upset
wash duvet cover
wash non tempurpedic pillows
wash towels
crock potted pinto beans i had soaked friday night with frozen tomatillos, peppers, onion, garlic, salt, thyme
placed over rice i cooked yesterday
baked chocolate chip cookies
applied for a 0% credit card as i am about to be screwed
next i must clean the cat litterbox
finished hanging some curtains
ran my credit report at have you run your credit report recently? you should. this link is free https://www.annualcreditreport.com/ (don't buy any add-ons) (do this every 4 months)

got NOTHING on my to do list done
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posting this as motivation, stuff i want to get done tomorrow

December Taxes VA (due jan 14)
TX 2014 taxes (due jan 20)
mail baby wes package
mail thorn package
write 2 thank yous
check smoke detectors
change water fountain filters
replace HVAC filters
oil cutting boards
create labels for apple cinn and rose blush as needed, acrylic spray them
pack rose blush
pack cinnamon apple
update inventory
make list of things i need to blend
hang picture


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