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Feb 15
I slept in@ around 9am I awoke and then had tea and breakfast, I tried wheat bix.
I got to try Amba, one of the limited edition teas (cherry, rooibos, black) here. Enjoyable cup, too bad dried fruit is so PITA to make (time).
After breakfast there was a bit of box folding.
We followed this up with a quick trip out for some groceries. $3 toothpaste
When Lady Devotea came home we sat down for lunch with some Zealong teas.
And now I’m goofing about on the internet.
After that was going out for fish and chips at the beach, it seemed very American, deep fried breaded fish, potatoes and bananas (YUM), along with a cloudy but colorful sunset.
After that we wandered home and chattered for a while and then did a set of tim tam slams with chai – it wasn’t a specific chai it was an impromptu chai. That happens with tea addicts.