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Feb 7
Woke 430
Had oatmeal purchased day before, and tea from the room. It was sad tea.
Took Uber to tour area, got in way early, go paranoia

Stopped by a coffee shop, cute place, remedy coffee
Got Earl grey tea with lemon in a cup that said red rabbit coffee co $4

Headed back to tour bus
Got fruit breakfast, wasn't expecting that

Headed to waitomo glow worm caves
Jen would be amused, caving for indoor cats. They added walkways, lighting, railing, and put ropes over entries that would be too small further on. Took two years I think I heard to map the caves.

Then got lunch on the bus to next stop.
Note picnic lunch is code for box lunch on bus.

The large group of Canadians and Indians are trouble. Always talking, not listening, running late. The Chinese bunch of pushy :(

Lots of cow
Lots of lamb
Some alpaca
They farm deer
The fields seem separated by hedgerow not fences

Cooler than Australia

Apparently big on selling racing horses?

Have not seen a kiwi yet (bird)

Saw kiwi fruit orchard

Apparently there is green, gold, red fruit

Air on buss broken :(

Checked into cute boutique hotel, The Princes Gate Hotel. No air (old building) luckily it gets much cooler at night

after check in was the Rotorua duck tour! the water was so amazingly clear, apparently you can just drink it....

the area smells of rotten eggs due to the sulphur - there is hot springs and mud pools

i wish i had time to try the spa - perhaps another country has similar and i can add that to the list - natural hot spring silica spa and mud

thats the bad thing you go on all these tours and you see things you want to spend more time on but there is a schedule, rush rush :( on the other hand i see lots of things

after duck tour was freaking out b/c called enterprise and they didn't have my car reservation - so found another (thrifty) - days later i actually get email from enterprise i had a rental but the person i called and spoke with insisted i didn't have a reservation.

then was dinner - Tamaki Maori Village
cultural information, presentations and feast.
it was interesting but too interactive too many people for me i was peopled out and hate being on the spot

got back, it was late, showered and collapsed

vacation is exhausting, and too much light pollution to see the sky so far, at night, but i doubt i'll notice the difference anyway

Fi not working well
had to reload ekit/jt travel $30


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