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Friday Feb 3

Woke up, checked email
Had breakfast at hotel, dense pastry, the bread here is just dense, bagged tea from T2, meh, but a tasty tapioca custard with fruit

took Uber to the train

train to city

wandered around looking for the office, had to circle the block
cute, small, free fruit, nice espresso machine (DIY) and some tea
very nice people

lunch - wine and kangaroo at the meat and wine company - it tastes like a deer cow. $77 splurge but good wine and a nice place.


zoo $40
I dislike the people at the zoo who make noise, tap the glass, etc. New one and shine light on sleeping or nocturnal animals. Growl
One sleeping penguin
platypuses are smaller than i thought
Tasmanian devils are tiny and cute
kangaroos are all sorts of sizes, and i got to see some with some emu without a fence! none came to get pet though
no koala :( i tried all 3 enclosures, bummed
condors are huge!
the zoo was like a ikea, hard to find my way around and confusing shortcuts
bought a water for $5

i read ads about paying and getting a free upgrade to the melbourne zoo, but since i got a discount i failed to be able to upgrade to the multi zoo pass for cheap

i had to reload opal transit card $40

ferry - motion sick, i don't normally get ill but after all the walking the rocking of the ferry got to me a bit

gelato $10? salted macadamia - very tasty

wandered the rocks shopping area
noticed many opals and pearls, i avoided buying any, i am a magpie i like pretty things but forget to wear them

got the train back to hotel
at train stop got some boba tea - honey milk with red bean, was debating buying a cup of corn for the same price $5 but went tea

got taxi $20 back to hotel

I am a sweaty mess, should shower tomorrow before checking out

still lack shower flip flops and locker lock


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