Feb. 1st, 2017 02:37 am
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10am january 30 the adventure started
it involved 2 hours of panic over my AU visa
$20 to re apply to visa, unplanned

I arrived ~32 hours later in Sydney
My knees were VERY unhappy on the trip, honestly not sure if i can do long plane trips again

delta kept giving us food and drinks and food on the flight (>12 hours) but i wanted to, and did mostly, sleep - i got pasta, egg sandwich, and pancakes, i wonder if i missed anything

$53+tip at beaudevin at CLT - i should have done cheaper and not splurged :(
$8.17 starbucks coffee and muffin also CLT
DTW i don't think i bought anything, super short layover
inquired about first class upgrade $12,000 - woah, nope
LAX water and snack bar $7.25

$40 pearl card (like an oyster card, got at WH Smith even) already over half through it

took train to downtown
took ferry

wandered around chinatown
Paddy's market (knock off purses, misc. fruit, meat, etc)
bought 2 nectarines $.80
bought a USB-c to USB cord (b/c i failed to bring one, or own one) $10
(my power banks are usb out)

i forgot a hostel lock, but first place is hotel not hostel

i forgot a book but a friend sent me $ for books on amazon (more than i needed but i <3 books) so i listened to some harry dresdin on the flights here

my JT Travel sim card is NOT working, luckily my google fi is

Bought a pork bun and yellow lava (egg) bun and tea at a bun place in chinatown for lunch $10

i should have packed slippers for room/flipflop hostel showers, will buy some

I picked an awful hotel
it really is NOT accessible by public transit, so blew $10 connecting the bus to it (major highway i was not walking involved)
also the full kitchen = microwave and plates and silverware and cups, no fridge or heater
also no laundry services (self serve) just laundry service ($$$)

so for the first time i can remember, i washed clothes in the shower when i showered

I am a little hungry, very tired and shouldn't really spend more

luckily free working wifi

Update: my washing attempt only worked on the shirt and bra, the rest still smell, i blame the tiny sink? hopefully since i am cutting out early i can wash them at the hostel

Update: sim eventually did work, config issue


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