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OK lawyer signed off, and it looks like they uploaded all supporting documents (they had been having me scan and email them) which I guess is nice.

worried, when I did "preview score" I have a score of 440 now and I need 445

very worried

total cost is $1125 (CAD) for this part of the application

Website seems to say 53 days is the average processing time right now
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my app is complete, you have 60 days to do it, waiting on my lawyers sign off (they said this coming week) to submit it after they review


i'll let you know what happens next
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i started my application for permanent residency

logged in and under "Continue an application you haven't submitted" there was now a "Permanent Residency"

clicked "continue application"

many of the fields were already filled out as they were copied from my express entry form, that was nice

Personal details

-Name, former names
-DOB, Country and city of birth, Height, etc.
-passport info
-have you applied before?
-country of residence
-full name DOB, Date of death of all family members (parents, children, siblings, spouse, etc)

Contact details

-language preference
-mailing address
-complete 10 year no gap housing history

Study and languages

-native language
-education history
-language scores

Application details

-what province/territory do you want to live in
-have you been nominated?


-representative (lawyer etc)

Work history

-occupation (code)
-have a certificate of qualification from a Canadian province or territory
-do you have a job offer?
-work history with codes
-asking about if you have looked for a job and what research into jobs you have done

Personal history

-10 full years no gaps of what you have been doing - employment, unemployment, or note was in an educational situation
-all international travel 10 years with dates
-questions about criminal background and "had any serious disease or physical or mental disorder?"
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I got my invitation to apply for permanent residency today!
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So they reviewed my stuff and suggested some edits to optimize my points

NOTE: i could have skipped getting my bachelors assessed because i have the masters!!!!

They had me list only me two recent jobs not the aramark b/c probably of all the lacking data (couldn't get the letter) So i guess the 10 years isn't a hard limit

I submitted my application

the system keeps telling me i have notifications but i login and there are none, it's disconcerting and I am worried.

Also it told me to sign up for the Canadian job bank so i did.

Apparently once i get an invitation i get 60 days to apply

they also warned me if anything changes to keep the data up to date
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So today I finally got my education assessment. what a rip-off. but it is over.

in the interim, my lawyers reviewed my file and agreed with my assessment of what was missing (nothing unknown to me was missing.

they made my online account, entered my data, had me review it, now they "cleaned it up" not sure what that means, and we were only waiting on this.

I have provided it to them, and hopefully they will now proceed / complete my application for express entry.
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Sunday October 28

Slept in, yea sleep!

Missed and need to catch
Watch Out For That Bus! (Personal Disaster Recovery Planning)
Weaponizing Systems Administration: Leveraging IT Skills in Penetration Testing

went to brunch at The Smith - it was tasty
That Guy
Service was a bit spotty though

headed back and ended up just hanging out until booted away during ceremonies

dinner was at Crimson Diner with
Avi, Troutman, Blu, Githur, dakahuna

then train home

then waited an hour for a bus, that was not coming because sunday, so lyft

then sleeps
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Saturday October 27, 2018

slept in, because up late and drinking

missed keynote but read text here:

I also missed the (seeing again) Community Based Career Development or How to Get More than a T-Shirt When Participating as part of the Community

Wandered to find tea/food and failed, ended up at starbucks it was raining

I missed Finding the Right Tools and Codes for Your Career Search - will need to catch that on video
I also need to catch the video Bluetooth, Bluetooth BLE, and Tracking with Sonar

came back for

Blue Teams next tool: Social Engineering (Psychology and Sociology at Work) - which was really good
he posted the last page of his deck with resources here:

How online dating made me better at threat modeling was OK


then cookies and milk party with space team and unstable unicorns

then umaya - but due to conflict with a surprise party ended up just sparkles and blu and I - tasty ramen and such though

then iron horse for a drink

then back to crash
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Friday Oct 26, 2018
Mostly training so I stayed home
Made some tea and oatmeal
working on reviewing a book i am getting a nominal fee to do so
took care of bunny
headed on bus and train to hotel
3pm ish checked in to hotel, got 2 tickets, oopse didn't realize those came with, so gave those away
all BSides and similar need a better method to "turn in" tickets
got my badge
wandered to calibash tea for tea and snack
met up with a group at Circa Chinatown for dinner
got a seat upstairs
we had aaron, paranoid, sparkles, blu, troutman, whisper, mkr_ultra, 3ncr1pt3d, hasufin, SinderzNAshes, and exfiltration and i think we got one more?
anyway the warm apple cider dragon drink was good and so were the pumpkin ravioli, and the apple cake was good too, not great though

we headed back and played space team and drank!

then got to bed way too late
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Canada express entry, perminant resident

If I had to do this over, i would do this in the below order:

I had a passport if you don't that might take the longest

I had my birth certificate and social security card that might also take a while

I had my resume already together - put that together

I would have started with my education assessment (CES, ECA) ASAP as that seems to take the longest.
To complete it you need your education transcripts and your actual diplomas.

Put settlement funds away ASAP and don't touch, you'll need 6 months of statements, and a letter from the bank, some banks this was easy (Marcus, capital one 360), other it was hard (TD Bank) (15k+)

schedule your Health Exam, only certain people do the assessments, so get it scheduled, and set aside the cash, mine didn't do weekends so i also had to arrange time off work
($500 +)
I had to ring to health exam - 3 passport photo which i got at CVS, they only used two but asked for three (sigh), i bought two sets from CVS but if they give you the proof that might work as your third?
she seemed very fixed on TB, and i needed a chest xray (standard), basically bring your medical history cliff notes (medicine, surgical history) and if you have recurring / permanent issues the information for your specialist (they might need a letter - basically indicating it's under control and you are going to be able to work and navigate and survive in a new place without assistance)

schedule your English Language Test CELPIP-General Test ($300) they are on limited dates in limited locations
i did not study, but i did watch the you tube videos
i think that was useful as i came in and knew what to expect

Police Clearance - didn't take long, but use edge/IE, sign up for FBI background check, then schedule fingerprints (that was cheap and relatively fast but i live in a metro area)
to do: request an Identity History Summary from the FBI online
used: IdentoGo for fingerprints

Digital Photo that meets requirements - i ended up scanning (high res) my passport photo - so do that before medical exam

Work Experience 10 years certified letter - some companies did it fast, some PITA
if you need to get supporting evidence have w2's paystubs and job description - can you find your offer letter? a job posting you applied to? your annual review?

no need for anything else because i am single
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missing TD bank letter - giving up, not a high enough balance to worry about, and provided the balance statements

Finally got CELPIP paper score

Missing U of T educational assessment (a few more weeks expected...)
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I finally scanned a digital picture, waiting to hear if it's good enough

So lawyers did audit

missing TD bank letter (next week follow up with bank)

missing CELPIP paper score (next week call and follow up)

Missing U of T educational assessment (a few moe weeks expected...)
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Thursday, Oct 4

Starbucks for breakfast again
morning coffee (again no black tea)
lunch: potbelly again
afternoon snacks

nap, i needed it my brain was mush

dinner: was it Gordon borsh?

Sway again for hanging out at Hyatt

Friday, Oct 5

Breakfast in bed
8 am call with upwork consultant
noon call to buy CEH class and test voucher
Hiring village doing resume reviews and mock interviews for a few hours was great
Did wander the villages some
the mental health village was great
Dinner: Sway, was very slow :(
Swanked it up for #HackerSwan and did Burboncon, but then slept through vanilla ice at the party
burboncon had food this year, wish i had known i wouldn't have gone out to eat!

Saturday, Oct 6
Slept in a lot again
wandered con a bit
Jason's Talk at mental health village but had to leave early for
Totty and Cindy and Katheens talk! (volunteering and how to put that on your resume / negotiate to be able to do it with employers, etc)
Dinner: Holy Grale
german restaurant in an old church, lots of good beers
missed the party because we fell asleep. it was offspring

Sunday, Oct 7
Slept in a lot again
Actually bid for blu b/c he was not there
the black badge got too pricey for me to bid on
MzBat and Amanda and Dustin got black badges!
Hung out at Sway dinner and drinks

Monday, Oct 8
woke up stupid o'clock to go to airport
lyft drivers kept canceling luckily got real taxi
flight to home
metro to work
worked late, so much to do
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Tuesday Oct 2

Took the bus and metro to work
at lunch took stuff to post office
took the metro to the airport
flight delayed, got in later than planned which sucked and i was exhausted and confused and cranky
luckily partner got my badge

mom called and told me i needed to quit and come home and help

Wednesday Oct 3

Class like 8am to 5pm
I did NOT get enough sleep
got starbucks oatmeal and chai for breakfast

We got morning coffee break and afternoon snack break, coffee break ran out of black tea day 1 before i got any and continued that trend :(

Lunch was potbelly
i quit during lunch from work
Dinner was #HackerFoodies ( Against the Grain

Hung out at Sway in the Hyatt (eveent moved to mariott but they were slow and grumpy and loud so many peeps stuck to hyatt, i even stayed at hyatt still)

Class info below

Application Security: For Hackers and Developers
Course name: Application Security: For Hackers and Developers

Trainer name(s): Michael Fowl and Greg Hatcher (VDA Labs)

Course description: Application Security: for Hackers and Developers, is designed for practitioners to learn about the tools and techniques used to prevent and find bugs in real world software. This class is great for anyone in software, testing, management, hacking/vulnerability research, and so much more.

We begin the class with a brief secure-by-design and strategy session. Next, understanding how and when to audit code is key for both developers and hackers. Students learn to zero in on the important components. Automated tools are employed, but auditing source manually is the key, since verifying results is a required skill even when using automated tools. Spotting and fixing bugs is the focus.

Dynamic investigation of web, mobile, and APIs requires skills with tools like burp. While hunters for bugs in core code (C/C++), often use fuzzing: a runtime method for weeding out or finding exploitable bugs. Both techniques are used by a growing number of product and security organizations.

Another technique hackers use to uncover bugs is reverse software. Managed (.net) and unmanaged code (C and C++) are covered. The IDA pro tool is taught and used throughout. Other tools like Binary Ninja are shown as well. Calling conventions, Assembly-to-C, identifying and creating structures, RTTI reconstruction, etc. are covered. Students will see IDA’s more advanced features such as flirt/flare, scripting, and plug-ins.

Finally, students will walk out of this class knowing how to exploit discovered bugs. This is useful to both developers and hackers. The attack portion will teach students how to exploit common bugs such as: command injection, SQLi, IDOR, stack buffer overflows, function pointer overwrite, heap overflow, off-by-one, integer error, uninitialized variable, use-after-free, double fetch, and more. For the exploits, return overwrites, heap spraying, ROP, and gadget discovery are presented. Shellcode creation/pitfalls and other tips and tricks will all be rolled into the exciting, final component.

Course outline:

Day 1: Managed, C/C++, and Fuzzing

8am – 8:30am

Handout Material

Pass around Thumb drives for VM Setup
8:30am – 10am

Part 1 – Managed Code/Web Vulns

Lecture 1: SDL and Product Security Testing

Lab 1 – iSpyCentral Architecture Review and Reversing
Lab 2 – iSpyCentral Key Exploit
Lab 3 – SAST iSpy
10am – 10:15am

Break 1

10:15am – 12pm

Continue working on first 5 labs

Lab 4 – DAST iSpy
Lab 5 – iSpyCentral RCE
12pm – 1pm


1pm – 3pm

Part 2 – Unmanaged/Native Code Vulnerabilities

Lecture 2: Auditing C and C++

Lab 6 – Basic C Bugs
Lab 7 – UV Investigation
Lab 8 – Warm up with C++
Lab 9 – Basic C++ Bugs
3pm – 3:15pm

Break 2

3:15pm – 5pm

Lecture 3: Fuzzing

Pydbg Demo
Lab 10 – Peach fuzzer (file fuzzing)
Lab 11 – In-memory fuzzing
Day 2: Finish Fuzzing, Reversing, and Native Exploits

8am – 8:30am

Work on anything from yesterday

Ask questions about specific things

8:30am – 10am

Lecture 3: Continue Fuzzing

Lab 12 – AFL
Lecture 4: Reversing C and C++

Lab 13 – Easy Crackme
10am – 10:15am

Break 1

10:15am – 12pm

Keep Reversing

Lab 14 – Med Crackme
Lab 15 – Patcher
Lab 16 – C++
12pm – 1pm


1pm – 3pm

Last Reversing Lab

Lab 17 – Scripting
Lecture 5: Exploiting Native Programs

Lab 18 – Function Pointer Overwrite
3pm – 3:15pm

Break 2

3:15pm – 5pm

Lab 19 – Windows Server Exploit
Lab 20 – ROP
Student Requirements:

Students are required to provide a laptop for the course. Your laptop should have at least 30GB of free HD space, 4GB+ of RAM and VMware workstation/player for Windows or Fusion for the Mac installed ahead of time.
You will be given a Windows VM. Copy to your hard drive, and pass the portable Media to your neighbor. You will need a USB port and an OS that can read ExFat FileSystem to copy the data. (Most Mac and Windows have that, but with Linux, check for the driver) You may not share course media with non-students.
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Thursday August 9

Switching to Caesars checking out of Tuscany

Caesar’s Kiosk didn’t work trying to check in

Line was LONG

FYI: Render had attempted to check in the night before. We never got the room is ready notification from night before.

Desk agent insisted he could not refund us that night, and called manager who also refused.

I worried I would be late to Diana Initiative.

We finally got room and I headed to Diana.

I got my badge and shirt and my speaker gift. It was a presentation device! Awesome.
Hung out in lockpicks waiting on my talk and testing the presentation device. I caught the tail end of the Amazon devices talk.

Sadly Diana as a whole had to turn away people at the door as they were over fire marshall capacity.

I gave my talk in a small packed room. I had multiple A/V issues (Probably my laptop’s fault? Although It worked fine at BSidesLV.) But apparently the talk went well anyway. I need to go ahead and give the presentation via YouTube or something and record it as Diana didn’t have A/V this year and people missed it.


The talk focused on actionable items people of a variety of positions and walks of life could take. Hopefully each person attending could find one to leverage.

The talk can be given in different ways, I could tweak it to present to those specifically apply for jobs, those specifically hiring for jobs, parents or those with the opportunity to educate children, those in media (TV, print, games, etc), and lastly just those allies that want to help and are not managerial.

FYI Google Unconsious Bias Training:
After that I ran off to settle into the room and get ready for Skytalks setup, despite the rumor we would NOT get in early for setup, we did.

Dinner was #HackerFoodies at Jaleo
It was very tasty.

After I hung out with funsize and then crashed.
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tried to call UoT, Thursday from airport right before they closed no luck, try again Monday


Vanguard Got generic letter and statements from website

Capital One got generic letter and statements from website

Marcus and TD got statements and sent


Called U of T and they confirmed getting my transcript and diplomas, and that I had nothing else to mail them.

To Do

Marcus Goldman Sachs, and TD Bank letters on the way, scan on arrival

Get September statements 4 banks

digital picture

Proof of relationship ?

current employer employment verification
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What are your predictions for the coming year?

I hope the United States has gotten less insane, but I doubt it. I hope I have moved and all is well. I hope my sister's medical stuff has gotten as stable and under control as possible.

I could not have imagined this past year so I don't think I will do better for next year.
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CELPIP scores arrived

Eye doctor will fax supporting document

tried to call UoT, closed, will try Thursday while at airport

Marcus Goldman Sachs, and TD Bank letters on the way

scanned supporting aramark documents, as many as i could, i hope it is enough

scanned diplomas

to do

vanguard letter

capital one letter

6 months statements marcus
6 months statements TD bank
6 months statements vanguard
6 months statements capital one

digital picture

Proof of relationship - TBD

current employer employment verification
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When September 2019 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

Probably surprised at how much happened, but not the way that I expected (again). Time flies by so fast I appreciate this time once a year to think back on what happened recently, and remember what happened the year before. This year was a little less frustrating and depressing when reading the questions, as opposed to prior years, hopefully that continues.
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What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? How do you plan on letting it go or overcoming it in the coming year?

Fear of change, risk, the unknown. I seem to deal with it by waiting until I reach my breaking point and then burning everything down because there is not a choice.
This year I am stopping before my breaking point and trying a new country, with a lot of unknown. We will see how it goes.


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